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Can’t believe it’s more than a month since I’ve written my blog.  Where does the time go?

Have spoken to the Community Psychiatric Nurse about the crying episodes which are getting worse.  She seems to feel it is a symptom of Mum’s illness rather than straightforward depression.  I agree with her really as she’s not in that state all the time, it just seems to sweep over her for no apparent reason.  The Nurse also said that these symptoms often last for a while and then disappear which makes sense, as the period where she got up and dressed in the middle of the night lasted for a while then suddenly stopped.  (Thank God!)

Her anxiety levels have risen lately.  She seems to worry about everything – usually about imaginary problems.  The main focus is the Day Centre – she imagines that nobody likes her and constantly thinks she has offended people or been treated really badly, which makes her not want to return.

She had a crying episode last night while Mark was here with me.  She had a brief moment where she asked who I was, then asked if Mark and I were brother and sister.  She then went down the paranoia route, saying I was lying to her and this wasn’t her home and she preferred her other home; and various ramblings that were pretty unclear but obviously upset her.

The evenings are my main problem at present.  As soon as we’ve finished tea at around 6.30, Mum gets really restless.  She’s up and down from her chair every ten minutes, wandering off but not knowing why or where.  So it’s very difficult to do anything in the evening as I seem to spend all my time trying to settle her down.  She is also finding it difficult to get ready for bed – often can’t recall how to get undressed and on occasion comes back into the lounge in a totally different set of clothes.

I have been given a Carer’s Direct Payment by Social Services to fund extra care so today we had a visit from the Care Manager of a local agency.  It will be an opportunity for me to go out a little more often and leave Mum in safe hands.  She will probably like to have someone else here who is prepared to offer her her full attention, something which I possibly don’t do enough!



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Mum continues to dislike going to the Day Centre.  Each time she comes home she has a new tale to tell about something dreadful that has happened, usually involving someone upsetting her or telling her off.  I have contacted the Day Centre on several occasions following these tales, to ensure that nothing untoward is happening but I am convinced it is Mum’s amazing imagination taking over.

Yesterday’s trauma involved her setting off some kind of alarm that would involve a fire engine calling at the house.  Last week it was someone giving a talk on concentration camps which really upset her.  I did call the Centre that day and they had apparently had a light-hearted quiz – not a talk on Belsen!

The other day the whole family (9 of us) went to my daughter’s for Sunday Dinner.  On the way home in the car, we stopped at a local shop and while my sister was inside the shop, Mum suddenly got upset and confused, telling me I was being unfair to put her through all this.

When we got her home and unravelled the story, she thought she was being taken hostage by a strange looking man.  We can only assume she had spotted someone she didn’t like the look of and concocted another strange tale in her poor damaged brain.

When she had one of these episodes recently, for the first time she didn’t know who I was and asked when I would be coming home as she was frightened.  This lasted for about 3/4 minutes but I guess it’s a taster of things to come.

How terrifying!



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