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Mum had a home visit by the GP 10 days ago.  I was quite anxious as she seemed to have got alot worse and her breathing seemed laboured.  It turned out she had both a water infection and a slight chest infection.  The GP has re-referred us back to the Mental Health Assessment Centre and we have an appointment tomorrow.  The GP wants to start Mum on anti-psychotic drugs but we have to see a Mental Health specialist before these can be prescribed.

I have also been in touch with Social Services to see if Mum can attend the Day Centre for a third day and to find out details about how to arrange respite care.  Respite seems a scary step to take but I think will become necessary very soon.   As usual Social Services are taking their time to get back to me!

On a better note, I gave Mum her Lorazapam tablet a bit late one evening by accident and she slept like a log.  I told the GP about this and she said as it hadn’t worked to settle her in the evening, just carry on using it to help her sleep.  So at least I am getting a better sleep again.

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