13 Jul

Mum continues to dislike going to the Day Centre.  Each time she comes home she has a new tale to tell about something dreadful that has happened, usually involving someone upsetting her or telling her off.  I have contacted the Day Centre on several occasions following these tales, to ensure that nothing untoward is happening but I am convinced it is Mum’s amazing imagination taking over.

Yesterday’s trauma involved her setting off some kind of alarm that would involve a fire engine calling at the house.  Last week it was someone giving a talk on concentration camps which really upset her.  I did call the Centre that day and they had apparently had a light-hearted quiz – not a talk on Belsen!

The other day the whole family (9 of us) went to my daughter’s for Sunday Dinner.  On the way home in the car, we stopped at a local shop and while my sister was inside the shop, Mum suddenly got upset and confused, telling me I was being unfair to put her through all this.

When we got her home and unravelled the story, she thought she was being taken hostage by a strange looking man.  We can only assume she had spotted someone she didn’t like the look of and concocted another strange tale in her poor damaged brain.

When she had one of these episodes recently, for the first time she didn’t know who I was and asked when I would be coming home as she was frightened.  This lasted for about 3/4 minutes but I guess it’s a taster of things to come.

How terrifying!



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One response to “Paranoia

  1. kimjoy24

    July 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    It’s so sad to watch the decline in recognition. I remember my dad looking right at my mom and asking where she was. He remembered her name but couldn’t put it together with the face!


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