TV Traumas

10 May

Following on from my last post, Mum is having more and more episodes  where she gets upset about things she’s watching on TV.  Initially I knew which programmes triggered this and so I could make sure she wasn’t watching them.  However the most innocuous programmes are now affected.  She thought she was in the village of Emmerdale recently.  This time it was the Jeremy Kyle show which has always been one of her favourites.  I was ironing in the kitchen when she suddenly appeared at the door sobbing.  It turned out she thought she was behind the scenes of the show with all the awful guests screaming and shouting at each other (and her).  She couldn’t understand why anyone would be so nasty to her!

I eventually calmed her down but while doing this, I patted her hand and she said she had realised what that was.  My sister does it to her too – its some sort of secret signal.  Conspiracy theory?

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