Help at Last

27 Apr

Went to the doctor’s this morning and he has increased Mum’s anti-depressant dose although he says that the crying could just be an inherent part of her condition – I suspect that is likely due to the reasons that start her off.

He also reduced her blood pressure medication.  The hospital found her blood pressure a bit low and this could be a contributory factor in her falls.

As her tablets come ready packed in blister packs, I had to go to the pharmacy to get the blister packs all changed.  Nothing’s ever straightforward.

When we came home, surprise surprise – I got a call from a Social Worker who has been allocated mum’s case.  She offered me respite care when I go away but I know that Mum would refuse this at this stage.  However she also offered me another regular day at the Day Centre and also said Mum could go there for some extra days while I am away.  Success!  I am also eligible for a ‘Direct Carer’s Payment’ which I get in the form of vouchers to cover addition care as and when.  I can apply to a private agency for this and pay with my vouchers.  I’m not sure how much it is yet but anything is a step forward.

All I have to do now is tell Mum she’s going to the Orchards for a second day!

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One response to “Help at Last

  1. saveeverystep

    April 29, 2012 at 6:58 am

    Your mum must get so utterly frustrated with herself. My own mum (now sadly deceased) had a period (post heart attack) where she had clearly suffered some brain damage. Her personality changed, and forgot so much about our past lives that she would ask the same thing over again, then cry from frustration (my mum NEVER) cried usually. It’s so hard for them to find their body & mind won’t do what they want it to do!!!


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