Your Lies will catch you out

19 Apr

Okay – so the ploy to trick Mum that worked so well last week, backfired this time.

She asked last night if she was going to the Day Centre today and I told her no, it was the following day.   Jean also backed me up on this again when she called round in the evening.

The night was fine but this morning it got to 8 am and she still hadn’t woken up so I thought I’d better wake her. I told her she was going to the Centre but she argued with me and reminded me that ‘two people’ had told her she wasn’t going.  How come she can remember things when you don’t want her to?  Damn it!

She caught me on the hop and I couldn’t think of another lie quick enough so I told her what we’d done.  She was absolutely furious –  How could we possibly have been so cruel as to trick her when we know how important it is for her to know when she’s going so that she can be ready on time?  I tried to explain that this is the precise reason we told a ‘little white lie’ because she seems to think she has to start getting ready in the middle of the night.  She wasn’t satisfied by this so eventually I told her I was exhausted because she woke me up in the night so often that I just had to do it for my own sanity but I think this fell on deaf ears – well more deaf than usual!

After she’d stopped being furious, she became upset and then stressed because she thought she was late.  I helped her get her clothes ready and made her breakfast and she was ready well before the bus came for her. Not sure how this is going to pan out but I’ve got a bad feeling about it.

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