Private Care Agencies and Social Services

13 Apr

Mum is becoming more and more anxious when I go out at night.  Every time I mention going out you can see her visibly stress out.  Last night she asked me why I feel I have to go out.  My brother, Mark, was there and he answered Mum, “Because she has a life, Mum.”  At that she started crying.  It’s involuntary emotional blackmail.

It’s not as though I go out very often in the evening, and Jean has always popped in to make sure Mum’s okay but lately, if I’m out, Mum expects Jean to stay until I get in.  I’ve already found myself being set a curfew of    10 pm which she has been all right with up until now.  I can live with that and on the odd occasion I do have to stay out later, Jean will stay until I get home or sometimes she will stay for the night.

I have introduced the idea of finding a private Care Agency who will supply a ‘sitter’ while I’m out but Mum says she’d rather put up with it than have a stranger there.  I will have to investigate and have to try to find someone Mum likes.

Affter Mum went walkabouts last week, I telephoned Social Services to ask for more help and advice.  We had already been re-referred to them after Mum’s fall, without any response other than a call to say that they had the referral and would be in touch.  I spoke to someone in the Access Team who just takes a message but she said she’d marked it as Urgent.  That was 10 days ago.

I telephoned again this morning and was put through to the Team in our local area.  Again I was told that a member of the Duty Team would call me back.  I will keep calling!  I am going to suggest perhaps another day at the Day Centre.  Also it was mentioned a while ago by someone from the Carers’ Association who came to see me, that I would be eligible for vouchers for Respite and for occasional visits by Carers when I’m out.  This could be very helpful

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One response to “Private Care Agencies and Social Services

  1. Kristen Hardin

    April 23, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Keep calling! I know these types of agencies take a long time to get things done, but the help is usually worth it when you finally get what you want! Stick with it!


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