Little White Lies

12 Apr

As Wednesday approached this week I was filled with trepidation as it is always Wednesday night that Mum is up and dressed several times in the middle of the night.  We can only assume that this is due to the fact she gets agitated about being ready for the bus coming to pick her up for the Day Centre on Thursday.

We had the wicked idea this Wednesday of pretending she wasn’t going to the Day Centre the next day.  I wrote that it was Tuesday on the whiteboard and when she asked my sister and I if she was going the next day,  we just told her it was the day after.  She expressed surprise and said she felt as though she hadn’t been for ages but didn’t push the point.

She went off to bed as happy as Larry and slept absolutely fine.  This morning she got up at 7.45 and asked me if she was going to the Day Centre today.  I said that yes she was going and she didn’t seem at all confused by this.  What has it come to………but if it works, don’t knock it!

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