03 Apr

Well I suppose it had to happen.

I was out all morning and had written on the whiteboard that I would be home at 2pm after I’d been to the gym.  I rang Mum at 12.30 several times with no reply and as I’ve been a bit anxious about her behaviour the past few days, I went straight home.

It’s difficult to explain how I felt when I found she wasn’t there.  The front door was unlocked, the central heating and the TV on but no Mum.  I went into panic mode and found myself even looking under the beds despite the fact there’s no room for someone to get under our beds!

I rang Jean at work and she also went into panic mode.  I said I’d check with the neighbours and then call the police.  I went next door but they hadn’t seen her then Jean called me back.  Her next-door-neighbour had rung to say Mum was sitting on the garden bench outside my sister’s front door – in the rain – with no coat on, but she had had the presence of mind to take an umbrella.  It isn’t a long walk to my sister’s house, takes me about 5 mins but it’s a very long walk for Mum, down a main road and over a level crossing!

We both flew round there and Mum was quite oblivious to what she’d done; seemed to think it was a great adventure.  When I got her home I tried to talk to her about it but she couldn’t explain and indeed, she got quite upset, saying she thought we would be proud of her for walking so far on her own.

Anyway, this has brought up a whole new problem which I could have sworn we wouldn’t have to deal with yet.  When we ask Mum to go out with us, she is always loathe to move and has to be persuaded.

I rang Social Services for some advice and will be interested to see if they can be of any help.  I suspect not!

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