Another Fall

30 Mar

Here we go again!  I was woken at 4.15 by a crash and went flying into Mum’s bedroom to find her lying on the floor by the bed.  She was okay, just very shaken.  The problem is always getting her back on her feet when she’s fallen.  I have to encourage her to get onto her knees and then hold onto something to put herself up.  It took about half an hour by which time we were both exhausted.  I couldn’t see anything she’d tripped over so I presume she just lost her balance.

She went straight back to bed, as did I, but predictably I didn’t get back to sleep.  Frustrating really as I’ve just got my sleep pattern back on track recently as Mum has been sleeping so much better.

She was okay this morning and didn’t even seem to have any bruises.  I recalled that when she was kept in hospital after her last fall, we were told she would be referred to the Fall Clinic but there has been no contact so I rang the hospital and contacted the Fall Clinic who have arranged to send someone out to see us next week.  (They had tried to contact us but unfortunately had the wrong phone number.)  I am curious as to how they will be able to help but anything’s worth a try.

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