Two Socks on Two Feet

28 Mar

I don’t know about two socks on one foot, today it was two socks on two feet.  I noticed that Mum had the same socks on as yesterday and when I pointed it out and asked her to change them, she started to take them off and I noticed she had another clean pair on underneath!

Getting dressed is becoming a slight issue nowadays.  Mum seems to get out nearly every item in her wardrobe (including underwear) before she decides what to put on.  She doesn’t know when to hang things back up and when to put them to the wash so I now have to keep a close eye on her clothing.

We also have a situation known to the family as “Bra-gate”!  She is having difficulty doing up her bra so decided she needed to send for a new one from a catalogue.  It didn’t matter how many times I explained that getting a new bra wouldn’t help her with the fastening, she insisted.  When the bra arrived, she couldn’t do it up and got into quite a state about it.  We have tried to persuade her to order a front fastener but she is adamant she has tried these and doesn’t like them.  It must be on her mind so much that the other night, she got undressed and sat in her dressing gown for a while then went to bed.  She came back a few minutes later really upset because she couldn’t do her bra up – she was trying to get dressed again!

Mum is also currently obsessed with a medical book she’s had for years – Signs and Symptoms, a guide to early self-diagnosis.  I often come in the room to find her leafing through this book, usually looking up ‘dementia’.  Good job she doesn’t know how to use the internet!

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