Visits to Doctor and Library

23 Mar

I had a routine visit to the GP this morning and while there, I had a chat with him about the sleeping pill dilemma.  I explained that I had been given the pills by his colleague in order to help Mum sleep at night so that I wasn’t disturbed.  Then following Mum’s recent fall a nurse at the hospital had suggested that it was unwise to give an elderly lady with dementia sleeping pills.  The doctor couldn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know i.e. there’s no easy answer except to use my initiative.  Luckily I have had some better nights lately so I will worry about it when I need to!

Mum used to be an avid reader but nowadays finds it difficult to maintain concentration to read a whole book.  I tend to buy her magazines which she finds alot easier to just leaf through.  However, as it was a lovely sunny day I suggested we walk to the library – a very short distance which she can just manage if she has a sit down in the park on the way through.  She enjoyed looking at the books but said she couldn’t remember the names of any of her favourite authors any more.  She picked a couple of books that she liked the look of but I doubt she will manage to read them.  Whatever she reads one day is forgotten by the next day.

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