More Night-time Shenanigans

22 Mar

Got a bit behind with my blog due to birthdays, family visits etc.  Things are jogging along in a very similar fashion with good days and bad days.  It is 6.30 a.m. at the moment and I was woken up about 15 mins ago by Mum opening and closing drawers and wardrobe doors as she decided to get up.  It’s her day for the Day Centre and I shouldn’t be surprised at her getting up early.  In fact I consider myself lucky she wasn’t up in the middle of the night as she was last week!

I’ve just checked my diary to see what times she was up last week.  First time was 2 a.m.   I went into her bedroom and she was fully dressed so I persuaded her to go back to bed but then she was up again at 5.40, then 10 mins later!   I finally let her get up at 6.40 – very similar to this morning.  She will now be ready to go by about 8 a.m., then will fall asleep in her chair for a while.  At about 9 a.m. she will put on her coat and sit in a dining chair by the window, waiting for the bus which comes about 9.45.

I’ve tried to explain that the bus will wait while she puts on her coat but she seems to think she has to be ready the second the bus arrives or it will go without her.


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