Lights and Lamps

12 Mar

Mum now has a new problem at night.  When she gets up for the bathroom she turns on her bedside lamp then as she gets to the bedroom door, she turns on the main light.  When she comes back from the bathroom, she gets into bed and turns off the lamp then realises she’s left the main light on.  She gets out of bed to turn it off and is left in the dark to get back into bed.  Very confusing – it took me a long time to work out what was happening as all I could hear was the light switch being turned on and off.  She tells me her lights have all stopped working properly.

I’ve considered night-lights but I’m worried that if it’s not dark in her bedroom, she’ll think it’s morning and start getting up again.  Maybe something to run past the OT.

She’s slept pretty well for the past few nights but she got up early this morning – about 5 a.m. – and I heard her talking so I got up to ask what was the matter.  She said she’d heard a woman with a baby and was looking for them!

A rather sad thing that happened yesterday – My daughter, Daisy, is looking for a flat in Manchester so I showed Mum details of the ones we are going to view in a few days.  A little while later I thought Mum looked a bit upset so I asked her what was wrong.  She replied that she was worried about me moving – she thought that I was moving to Manchester.  I spent quite some time sitting with her and reassuring her that I’m going nowhere!

On a lighter note, when Mum came home from hospital the other day she was absolutely exhausted but didn’t seem to want to sleep and had verbal diarrhoea.  Some of her funnies included:

“Let’s have a fancy dress parade – I’ll be Snow White.”

“Shall we say a position in life – a dricket – it’s what you have when you’re ill.”

“What will all the chaps say when you go to work and it’s all wiggy.”

Me: “Why have you taken your glasses off?”

Mum: “Because I can’t see without them!”


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