Sleeping Pills

06 Mar

Well so much for the sleeping pill!  She was up and dressed at 3.30.  Got her back to bed then she was up for good at 6 a.m.

As it was Saturday, Jean was able to spend time with me in shifts trying to keep mum awake.  It seems cruel to keep waking her when she’s nodding off but I was determined to sort out her malfunctioning body clock.

Jean and I had planned to go for a quick drink to our local in the early evening but mum actually asked us not to go out.  It’s the first time she’s done that and I’m not too happy about it but I don’t see what I can do.  She’s often grumbled a bit about me going out ‘every night’ as she says which is very far from the truth.  It’s rare for me to go out more than twice a week and even then I’m always home early.

Well, we managed to keep her awake. I gave her a pill at 9.30 and she slept through this time.  Yippee!

Followed the exact same pattern on Sunday – kept her awake most of the day, then gave her a pill and she slept soundly all night.

However last night, I decided not to give her a pill and see if her sleeping pattern had re-established itself.  Surely enough she slept through again.  She still gets up several times in the night for the bathroom and I wake each of these times then I heave a sigh of relief when I hear her bedroom door shut again.  I can’t say I get a brilliant night’s sleep but it’s better than when she gets up and dressed.

She did a really strange new thing today.  I made her a cup of coffee then she told me she couldn’t get anything out of the cup.  She was holding her thumb and finger as if she had a cup in her hand and demonstrating holding it to her mouth.  I pointed out that she needed to actually pick the cup up first.  She did laugh at herself that time but we’re having more and more instances where she can’t laugh but starts to cry.  That’s when I find it extra difficult.  I feel like crying myself but I have to toughen up and try to jolly her out of it.



We kept her awake most of the day in shifts.

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