Back to the GP

02 Mar

Mum has been up in the night for two nights running.  It’s following roughly the same pattern.  I wake up because she’s making a bit of noise and I go through to her room to find her fully dressed.  I try to explain that it’s night time and although she doesn’t really believe me, she does go back to bed.  Then she’s up again in an hour or two.

Consequently this morning I was so tired I decided I needed help so I had a telephone consultation with the GP.  He agreed with me that we need to give mum a sleeping pill to try and get her body clock back on track.  I don’t like doing it but I don’t see any alternative.  I feel I can cope with almost anything as long as I get a decent night’s sleep.  She doesn’t lose any sleep, she just makes up for it in the day.  She’s been asleep in her chair most of the day today!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I can’t just go back to sleep when she’s disturbed me.  I lie there willing her to stay asleep and me to fall asleep.

We were watching TV this evening and she disappeared at 8.30 and came back in her dressing gown saying she was going for a wash.  She appeared about 10 minutes later, fully dressed in clean clothes.  When I started talking to her I realised she thought it was morning.  How can that be??  All the clues were there for it to be evening.  We’d eaten our evening meal, Coronation St had been on TV, it was dark outside.  I realise that an Alzheimer brain doesn’t connect the dots but for goodness sake!

She’s been doing another odd thing lately but more exaggerated tonight.  She’ll be talking about something but whatever she’s looking at distracts her so she substitutes words.   She was telling me earlier that she was tired and surrounded by carpet (there was a carpet ad on the TV).  I was typing this blog on my laptop at the dining table and she walked over to see what I was doing.  She asked if anyone had seen her daffodils (which were on the table) when she meant her glasses which are continually disappearing.

Wonder if we’ll sleep tonight?

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