Uninvited Guests

06 Feb

Mum has been having more and more periods of disorientation lately. It’s like she’s living part of the time in a parallel universe. On one level she knows she is in her flat but she also has periods of confusion where she thinks she is staying somewhere else. It seems to be vaguely linked to the Day Centre she attends. She asks what will we do in the morning; do we just go into the kitchen to help ourselves; should we ring them (?) to tell them we’re staying here. When I tell her we are in her flat she says ‘OK’ then the next minute she says she is so worried and we need to tell them as it’s really rude to stay somewhere without asking……..and so it continues.

We have to walk round the flat looking at everything then she says it does look like her flat, even the bathroom is the same colour! I carry on reassuring her for a while but there comes a point when I realise I am just not getting through and I just have to stop talking about it before I go mad!

It’s got to the point where I am now changing my plans to accommodate mum. I am too nervous to leave her for a whole day. How long will it be before I’m unable to leave her alone at all? Scary prospect!

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Posted by on February 6, 2012 in Diary


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