Breaking and Entering

31 Jan

It’s 9:30 at night and I’ve just spent about an hour trying to explain to mum that she’s not going anywhere. I found her handbag and coat laid out on the bed and when I asked her why, she said she had to be ready for the bus to the Day Centre. This is a repetition of what happened a few weeks ago.

She had been a bit unsettled all day. I was out all morning and when I got home, her coat was hanging on the back of a chair. She said she’d got it ready to go out. I just told her she wasn’t going out and she seemed to accept it at the time.

Eventually I told her she should perhaps go to bed but similarly to what occurred on 3rd Jan, she didn’t seem to recognise her home. I finally lost the plot somewhat and telephoned my sister, Jean, for assistance. Mum spoke to Jean who tried to explain exactly the same way I had. Mum said ‘OK’, then a moment later, ‘I think we should go in a taxi.’

Eventually she accepted that she had to go to bed but wanted me to send a note to the Day Centre as they would think it strange someone had broken in and slept in their beds. I gave up explaining at this point.

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