The Wardrobe Battle

25 Jan

OK…so we abandoned the monitoring of liquids in and out. I called the clinic and they said it was fine. Pessimistically I suspect that any problems mum has in this direction are purely to do with her age and illness, and it seems unlikely that there will be any magic answer.

I am not happy today! Mum appeared dressed in trousers and a thin, short-sleeved summer t-shirt this morning. I hung all her summer things on a high rail to discourage her from wearing them but it didn’t work. She told me she has no long-sleeved tops so we went into her room and counted 14. She then got this stubborn look which I’m beginning to get used to. “I’ll wear what I want” she said. I told her she was behaving like a child and tried to have a rational conversation with her, explaining that it is not reasonable to wear summer clothes in the winter, especially as she will then put the heating on when she becomes cold. I pointed out that I live here too and am generally much warmer than her so it gets very uncomfortable for me with the heating on.

That’s an understatement. It is a constant battle between us. I know she’s bound to be cold because she sits in her chair and does nothing all day. I try to encourage her to move around a bit but it all falls on deaf ears. I then start to feel guilty because I don’t take her out enough. However, the truth is I often ask her if she wants to go out and she says no.

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