The Lost Bag

16 Jan

I went out this morning but have spent afternoon with mum. She was fine until just before we had tea. She was watching Airline on TV and as has happened before, the lines between reality and the TV have become blurred. Mum suddenly said she’d couldn’t find the lady she was sitting with and also she’d lost her handbag. I reminded her that she was watching a TV programme and she seemed to accept it.

I went outside for 10 mins and when I came back in she was in tears. I went over to give her a hug and asked her what was the matter. She said she was scared as she’d lost her handbag at the airport. Also she didn’t recognise where she was. I tried to reassure her but each time she would say she was okay then a minute later she asked me to go and look for her bag. This happened at least 10 times within half an hour. I took her to the cupboard where she keeps her handbags to show her that they were all there along with her purse. Eventually she said she felt a bit better and she recognised her flat again.

This is the second very similar incident within the past few weeks. Very distressing for both mum and myself as I seem to be powerless to put her mind at rest immediately. Hope this doesn’t happen too often when mum’s alone.

It seems there are less and less TV programmes that I’m happy for mum to watch as they seem to have some sort of weird effect on her. Casualty, Come Dine with Me and Airline are all off the menu.

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