A Midnight Snack

08 Jan

It happened again last night!

I woke up at 2.15 and could see the hall light on. Then I heard some sort of noise from the kitchen. I waited a while to see if mum was getting a drink and then going back to bed but no such luck. I found her in the kitchen in her dressing gown with her toast cooling in the toast rack.

She asked me if anything was wrong to which I replied ‘Nothing except that you’re making your breakfast in the middle of the night.’ Then she said she had wondered why I wasn’t up yet as I’m always up before her.

It took her a while to grasp that it was nighttime. She said it couldn’t be, as she had carefully checked the time on all the clocks and they all said the same! I took her back to her bedroom and made her promise to go back to sleep.

As usual, I took ages to sleep again then was woken again at 5.30 by the sounds of her getting up again. We live in a small flat with my bedroom next to hers and her wardrobe and drawers on the adjoining wall. All I could hear was drawers being pulled in and out and the wardrobe door opening and shutting. (Note to self: must oil the wardrobe hinges!)

I got up and she was fully dressed. When I told her the time, she just didn’t comprehend that she shouldn’t be up. She insisted she was wide-awake and couldn’t possibly go back to bed as she wouldn’t sleep. I tried playing the sympathy card and telling her how tired I was and she was keeping me awake but she merely said she’d been especially quiet so as not to wake me. What could I say?

I was actually at the end of my tether so I just told her to be quiet as I was going back to bed. I thought she’d do the same but oh no…… I heard her go into the kitchen and presumably she made her breakfast. Thank the Lord she didn’t put the TV on! It all went quiet a little later and I did drop off again, I think.

I finally got up at 7.30 and she was fast asleep in her chair. So much for not sleeping but I realise that there is no way I can reason with her any more.

When we talked about it a bit later, she said she couldn’t help it and the only answer was to put her in a Home!!!! Cue the guilt trip!

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