Getting Her Leg Over

02 Jan

Well, it’s a New Year and I’ve been too busy with the usual celebrations to catch up with my blog.

Mum has been reasonably OK considering we have had a continual stream of visitors for the past couple of weeks.

To be honest, I think she’s worse now that everything’s settled back down. Or maybe it’s just that I notice it more clearly when I’ve only got her to worry about. So many family members have been around, I haven’t had to concentrate on looking after mum as I’ve had plenty of help.

As usual, she has been very amusing.

This morning’s highlight was bath time. For some reason she managed much better than usual today. My brother and sister-in-law called in at lunchtime and mum told them that she had no trouble getting her leg over today! She meant over the side of the bath. The nice thing was that she realised what she had said and laughed herself.

I was at home most of the time today and found myself becoming increasingly annoyed with what I call the ‘tv remote, headphones saga’. When mum started becoming a little deaf, my brother bought her some headphones to listen to the TV so she wouldn’t have to turn it up too loud for the neighbouring flats. That went really well until she started with dementia. She is on the verge of forgetting how to use the headphones which have a volume control on the earpiece. I frequently come in to find her wearing headphones but with the TV at full volume. When I am in the house, I tend to put the TV on mute so only she can hear it but she constantly picks up the remote to try and switch channels and in so doing, turns up the volume.

She is now unable to work out times of programmes from a TV guide so needs constant help with finding things she likes. She used to love her TV, particularly Coronation Street but we now find she can’t concentrate on any programme for any length of time and if asked, she doesn’t really know what’s happening.

Another problem is that the boundaries between reality and what she sees on the
TV are getting blurred. In Come Dine With Me, where strangers get together and take it in turns to cook a meal over 4 nights, she often thinks we are in the programme and asks questions like “when is the food coming?” or “when do we have to leave to get to the next meal?”

Some time ago, she had been watching Casualty on her own and rang my sister in great distress, saying that there was a Paramedic in her lounge trying to resuscitate a badly injured person.

Apparently this is quite common, confusing reality and fantasy. No, that’s not quite right as much of the TV she watches is ‘Reality TV’! It’s the confusing of what’s happening here at home in her flat with what’s happening on the TV.

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