Nobody Makes It as Well as You

22 Dec

My daughter, Daisy, has come to stay again for the Xmas holidays. She has been working from home today, which involved several video conference calls. Mum couldn’t grasp this concept at all and kept thinking Daisy was talking to her so she was constantly trying to reply. Luckily, she went to the Day Centre at 10 a.m.

When she came home I had made a lovely beef stew in the slow cooker. Mum said it was strange but they had exactly the same thing for lunch today only it was much better! I think she meant it the other way round.

It’s hard to draw the line between helping mum and doing everything for her, to the point where she actually becomes lazy. She has stopped making coffee for herself as she did it wrong a couple of times. Now ‘nobody makes it as well as you’ seems to be the norm. So I took her into the kitchen and tried to show her how to make coffee. It’s the same with mealtimes. She normally eats from a folding TV table but she used to pour herself a small sherry and get the cutlery out for tea. Now I find myself doing it and am not sure whether she’s become too used to being waited on or has simply forgotten that she used to do it. Unfortunately it’s often easier to do something myself than to have it done wrong by mum.

Xmas has been an interesting subject this year. I have done all mum’s shopping as well as mine which has been no mean feat. Despite the fact that I’ve told her this and reassured her that she doesn’t have to worry about presents, she is continually making random and undecipherable “lists”.

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