Early Riser

14 Dec

I had promised to take mum shopping in town this morning. I’m taking her out less and less often but I really felt I should take her once before Xmas and I wanted her to get a couple of new jumpers for the winter. I told her I’d wake her at 8.30 so we could be out relatively early.

In the middle of the night I thought I heard some sounds from her bedroom but I couldn’t be sure and tried to get back to sleep. However eventually I noticed the hall light was showing round my door, so I got up. Every light in the flat was on and mum was sitting in her chair in the lounge fully dressed and filing her nails. It was 3.45! She looked up at me and said, “So what happened to 8.30?” as though I was up late. I told her the time and she said one of the clocks must be wrong. She often uses this excuse if she gets up at the wrong time but the truth is she is having difficulty telling the time. She can’t seem to tell that it’s the middle of the night even though it’s pitch black and there are no cars around or lights on.

The ironic thing is that when this happens, she goes straight back to sleep and I lie awake for hours!

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