The Zenith of Stupidity

12 Dec

A bad morning. Soon after mum got up, she came to find me to ask how to fill the kettle. That’s a first! I had to show her how to take the kettle to the cold tap but then she couldn’t turn on the tap. When we had successfully put the kettle on, I reminded her that she doesn’t normally have a hot drink with breakfast!

We had a visit to the dentist this afternoon. Mum doesn’t let me go in with her – one of her last stands of independence. She is delighted to walk back into the waiting room on the arm of her young, handsome dentist!

Her hairdresser calls tomorrow morning and I have put a card and present ready for her. We have had at least half a dozen discussions about this then just as mum is going to bed, she comes over to me and says ‘Before I forget, have I got a present for the hairdresser?’ Aaaaaagh!

It’s definitely not been a good day but has been interspersed with funny moments. At one point after talking gobbledegook for a while, she told me not to worry. She had reached the zenith of stupidity!

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