Two Socks on One Foot

08 Dec

Mum goes to the Day Centre on Thursdays but even after the several months she has been attending, she still gets in a flap about it. I always promise I will wake her in plenty of time but today she was up at 7, three hours before the bus is due. On a normal day she doesn’t even wake until 9, sometimes later!

I find it hard to explain to others how getting ready to go out is so time-consuming. Every tiny aspect takes so long, selecting clothes that preferably go together, putting on (matching) socks and shoes, finding glasses and hearing aid etc etc. She has a habit now of putting 2 socks on the same foot and then being confused as to how it happened.

I have to confess I breath a loud sigh of relief every Thursday at 10 a.m when the bus picks her up. I then have the whole day to myself – bliss!

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Posted by on December 8, 2011 in Diary


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