Bath Day

07 Dec

Today is bath day! We got a bath seat from Social Services some months ago as mum was having difficulty getting in and out of the bath. The seat sits level with the top of the bath and once mum has got onto it, she can be lowered into the water by a battery-operated control. Both mum and I still have an issue about my seeing her naked so bath time is always a struggle and the controller lead is barely long enough for me to stand outside the bathroom in order to lower her. Plus she has so much difficulty manoeuvring herself onto the seat, I have to keep peeping round the door to see what she is up to. I’ve managed to limit myself to seeing just her back so far but it seems to get more difficult each week.

Today she couldn’t grasp the notion of swinging her legs over into the bath and we both got frustrated to the point where I grabbed a towel and holding it in front of me, covered her nakedness and showed her how to do it. She got in a state with the whole operation and once I’d lowered her into the water, she asked me what happens next. “Have a bath!” I muttered with gritted teeth.

I get upset by the fact that mum was always a very clean person and loved her daily baths. She still has an all over wash every day but it’s just not the same. However, coping with the bath seat more than once a week is just not an option.

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