The Phantom Cat

02 Dec

I’ve been out for the whole day today – met an old friend for lunch and did some Xmas shopping. Went out at 9.30 and didn’t come home until 4.00, as it was starting to get dark. I rang mum at lunchtime to check she was ok and she answered the phone and seemed fine. Nevertheless I was worried in the back of my mind all day. There are times when she can’t figure out how to answer the phone or other times when she doesn’t put it back properly so if you call her it rings out engaged.

When I got home she told me she had made a mistake with her cup-a-soup and put it in the kettle. She said she had managed to wash it all out. However when I examined the kitchen I noticed all the coffee was missing from it’s container so I think she had put the soup in the coffee (not the kettle) then had to throw it all out.

I’m concerned how long it will be before I can’t trust her to get herself something to eat at lunchtime.

She has been odd this evening. Talking to the TV again then telling me a cat had just jumped up onto the settee.

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