An Elfin’s Torpedo

23 Nov

Mum has a habit of making up new words lately. Some of them are so good that they have become integrated in normal family chat. Today was a particularly prolific day for new words. I made her a cup-a-soup and she described it as ‘farmy’ meaning not very nice. Another word that appeared today was ‘wolvine’. That apparently means the opposite of grim.

She has also been asking where Milly Molly Mandy (an Enid Blyton character) is today.

My 33-year-old daughter has been visiting this week and mum asked her how many times she closed her eyes. My daughter, Daisy, said ‘I’m not sure Gran. How about you?’ to which mum replied ‘Once a week on a Thursday afternoon.’

Later, at teatime when a tiny piece of grated cheese escaped onto the tablecloth mum said it wasn’t cheese, it was an elfin’s torpedo.

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One response to “An Elfin’s Torpedo

  1. Kristen Hardin

    February 29, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Hi, a friend of mine on Facebook sent me your blog so we could connect. I have a dementia/alzheimer’s blog as well.
    I love this first blog post, because my Dad makes up the strangest words too! And a lot of the time, they rhyme with something he’s just said. We usually all laugh about it, it makes him feel good to laugh.
    Feel free to follow our story and let’s stay in touch!


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