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Hiding Round the Corner

As mum is quite deaf, she watches the TV in headphones (that’s a whole other story for another time!)

Today while she was watching Jeremy Kyle (!) she turned to the wall and started to tell someone (?) how we went to B&Q yesterday and the Xmas trees were very expensive. That was true but not sure whom she was telling. She then asked the same person ‘Is she hiding round that corner?’

The hallucinations seem to be returning.

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Awaiting Inspiration

This morning mum had a chiropody appointment at 10:30. I was up at 7:30 as usual to get a bit of quiet time to shower and eat breakfast. Mum woke on her own at 9 and I reminded her she needed to provide a urine sample to take to the GP for an appointment later in the day. After last time when she produced barely a trickle, I introduced the concept of using a jug and she proudly showed me the sample pot full to the brim. Then when she asked me what she should use to wipe the floor, alarm bells rang. I can only assume she didn’t sit on the toilet and just aimed over the jug as the floor was awash and worse – had footprints in it! After a quick mopping up job, I found her wandering aimlessly from room to room, maybe awaiting inspiration.

This seems to be a new regular occurrence. I have to constantly direct her to the next chore and make sure she achieves that before she gets distracted.

As usual the time ran away with us. After her breakfast she needed to use the footspa, get dressed, clean her teeth, put on some lipstick, put in her hearing aid etc., all chores which should be quick and easy but each one seemed to take forever. I then realised her hair looked so bad, I had to fetch my curling tongs for a quick tidy up.

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An Astral Headache with Bumps

Today mum apparently had an astral headache with bumps!

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An Elfin’s Torpedo

Mum has a habit of making up new words lately. Some of them are so good that they have become integrated in normal family chat. Today was a particularly prolific day for new words. I made her a cup-a-soup and she described it as ‘farmy’ meaning not very nice. Another word that appeared today was ‘wolvine’. That apparently means the opposite of grim.

She has also been asking where Milly Molly Mandy (an Enid Blyton character) is today.

My 33-year-old daughter has been visiting this week and mum asked her how many times she closed her eyes. My daughter, Daisy, said ‘I’m not sure Gran. How about you?’ to which mum replied ‘Once a week on a Thursday afternoon.’

Later, at teatime when a tiny piece of grated cheese escaped onto the tablecloth mum said it wasn’t cheese, it was an elfin’s torpedo.

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